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When you want to have fun with your pictures, there are websites dedicated to putting your picture on colorful frames and environments. I had the opportunity to place my picture in the coolest picture frames and download the images so I could put them on my social network sites for all of my friends to see! It was so much fun! It just took seconds for me to upload my picture and place it in the frame and funny backgrounds that are available!

Kanye West Makes New Music Video “Bound 2″ With Kim Kardashian!!


Kanye West Makes New Music Video With Kim Kardashian! Kanye shot a video called “Bound 2″ I actually think the videos kinda funny. It has white horses running through the video along with long shots of mountain tops and Kim All over Kanye’s motorcycle! It ‘s cute it reminds me of an SNL skit~

Demi Lovato Does Not Twerk Dance!!


Miley Cyrus might be popular for twerking but Demi Lovato sure is not!¬† In a recent interview the X Factor star was very candid about the fact that she didn’t need to shock her fans with¬† outrageous stuff to get there attention. It’s clear that Demi Lovato is very talented and we think that her talent alone is enough to keep growing her fan base and keep her legacy around for decades!!

One Directions New Album “Midnight Memories” Might Have Got Leaked Online Before Release Date!

One Directions New Album “Midnight Memories’ Might Have Got Leaked Online Before Release Date! The actual album release date is November 25th but die hard fans are reportedly already searching out the bands new musical hits online! True fans would wait to hear the album in its proper digital format!!! So wait you guys!!!